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No Unwanted Noise

Perfect for mild to severe hearing loss.

Bluetooth Hearing™️
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Invisible Hearing Aid


No Unwanted Noise

Perfect for mild to severe hearing loss.

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ClearEar Mini™️ Hearing Aid


No Unwanted Noise

Perfect for mild to severe hearing loss.

ClearEar Mini™️

How Severe Is My Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is typically categorized into four degrees: mild, moderate, severe, and profound. These degrees are based on the level of hearing loss measured in decibels (dB) and the impact on an individual’s ability to hear and understand speech.

Mild Hearing Loss

Individuals with Mild Hearing Loss may have difficulty hearing soft sounds or understanding speech in noisy environments. They may often ask others to repeat themselves or turn up the volume on electronic devices. Mild Hearing Loss is usually measured between 26 and 40 dB.

All of our hearing aids will help individuals with Mild Hearing Loss, hear clearly again!

Moderate Hearing Loss

Moderate Hearing Loss is characterized by difficulty hearing both soft and moderately loud sounds. If you have this degree of hearing loss, you may struggle to follow conversations without the use of hearing aids. Moderate Hearing Loss typically ranges between 41 and 70 dB.

All of our hearing aids will help individuals with moderate hearing loss, hear clearly again!

Severe Hearing Loss

Severe Hearing Loss significantly impacts an individual’s ability to hear and understand speech. If you have severe hearing loss, you may rely heavily on lip-reading or sign language to communicate. Without hearing aids or other assistive devices, you may only hear loud sounds or vibrations. Severe Hearing Loss is measured between 71 and 90 dB.

Living with Severe Hearing Loss can impact many aspects of life, including educational opportunities, employment, social interactions, and overall quality of life. It can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration due to the barriers it creates in communication and connection with others. Early detection and intervention, along with the support of hearing aids and accommodations, can help individuals with Severe Hearing Loss to lead more inclusive and fulfilling lives.

All of our hearing aids will help individuals with severe hearing loss, hear clearly again!

Profound Hearing Loss

Profound Hearing Loss is the most severe degree of hearing loss. If you have  Profound Hearing Loss, you may not be able to hear any sounds without the use of powerful hearing devices. This degree of hearing loss is measured at 91 dB or higher.

We recommend SonicWave™️ for individuals with Profound Hearing Loss to be able to hear clearly again. The are very powerful, but they are our most expensive hearing aids.

We have them available in 8, 12, or 16 channels. They will all help hear clearly again, but the more channels you get, the clearer you’ll hear. The channels are like the pixels of a camera. The higher the pixels, the sharper the image, and the more channels, the better the sound quality.

If SonicWave™️ is out of your budget, TeleHear Pro™️, and ClearTone Tinnitus Masker™️, are amazing options, as well for individuals with Profound Hearing Loss.

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Our Best Selling Quick Pain Relief Products

Type A Type A
Type B Type B
Type C Type C
USD  104.95USD  148.95
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Hand Pain Relief

Hand Pain Relief Massager

USD  104.95
Basic Basic
Upgraded Upgraded
USD  59.95USD  72.83
USD  29.88
USD  40.95USD  58.95
Knee massager type A Knee massager type A
Knee massager type B Knee massager type B
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Pink Pink
Red Red
Black Black
USD  20.95
USD  3.99USD  149.95
USD  98.73
smiley no electric smiley no electric
Type A Type A
Type B Type B
Type C Type C
Type D rechargeable Type D rechargeable

Hand Pain Relief

Finger Pain Relief Ball

USD  31.98USD  88.95
USD  7.49
USD  18.99
Four-button black Four-button black
Four-button blue Four-button blue
Four-button gold Four-button gold
mini version mini version
Six button Traction Six button Traction
six-button black six-button black
six-button gold six-button gold
USD  42.95USD  150.95
Gray Gray
Black Black
USD  145.88
Type 1 Type 1
Type 2 Type 2
Type 3 Type 3
USD  49.95USD  65.95
Beige-Neck-Massage Beige-Neck-Massage
Beige-Neck-Normal Beige-Neck-Normal
Beige-Waist-Massage Beige-Waist-Massage
Beige-Waist-Normal Beige-Waist-Normal
Black-Neck-Massage Black-Neck-Massage
Black-Neck-Normal Black-Neck-Normal
Black-Waist-Massage Black-Waist-Massage
Black-Waist-Normal Black-Waist-Normal
Coffee-Neck-Massage Coffee-Neck-Massage
Coffee-Neck-Normal Coffee-Neck-Normal
Coffee-Waist-Massage Coffee-Waist-Massage
Coffee-Waist-Normal Coffee-Waist-Normal
Red-Neck-Massage Red-Neck-Massage
Red-Neck-Normal Red-Neck-Normal
Red-Waist-Massage Red-Waist-Massage
Red-Waist-Normal Red-Waist-Normal
USD  37.98USD  69.98