Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs

Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield by Dr. Kill Pain It’s the best mouth-eye washable cover that will protect your kids against coronavirus and other kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs

(19 customer reviews)

USD 14.95


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    Kid’s Face Mask with Eye Shield: The Best Protective Child’s Face Mask Anti Coronavirus  – 4 PCS

    Our Kid’s Face Masks with Eye Shield is the best protective product against COVID-19 for kids. Additionally, the best face mask with sight protection for kids.

    Are you worried about coronavirus? You’re not alone. In these uncertain times, what matters the most is the safety of our children, and complete protection is vital. Our Face Mask With Eye Shield for Kids is the best companion for the outdoor. But, most importantly, the best protective Face mask to keep your family safe!
    Besides using a face mask to protect yourself, this is the time to teach your kids how to safeguard themselves.
    Add your set of 4 Face Masks With Eye Shield to the cart today. Then, start protecting your children from coronavirus and other harmful viruses and bacteria outside or inside (if surrounded by other people).

    Face Masks with Eye Shield: OUR LATEST RELEASE

    Our store added Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield to its stock. A hot trending product, we’ve got what you need at only USD 14.95.


    • Premium product quality
    • Competitive price not found elsewhere
    • Wide selection fit for kids (choose any color you want)
    This Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield is highly recommended for the exceptional features below:
    • Firstly, this mask has an excellent fit.
    • Secondly, you won’t have skin irritation or ear pain even after hours of use.
    • Thirdly, this mouth cover is washable, quick-drying, breathable, comfortable, and soft. Certainly suitable for boys and girls! Because of its “cool factor,” your handsome boy or beautiful girl will look amazing!
    In conclusion, The Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield is the best washable cover to fight coronavirus and preserve your kid’s health.

    If you want to learn more, see the unique features of our Face Mask with Eye Shield For Children.



    • Gender: Unisex for kids
    • Material: Polyester
    • Occasion: Any Occasion
    • Season: Every season (outdoor, indoor)
    • Applicable for: Children.
    • Size: 20cmx16cm
    • Package Content: 4 pcs

    In other words, our Face Mask with Eye Shield For Kids is one of our best-selling products thanks to the fantastic quality and an attractive price. So, choose the color you need, and we’ll care for everything else.


    Can I get another Color for this item?
    Please look at the product page: there, you can see all Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield options available for purchase. Moreover, we update the variations as soon as we get new supplies.

    Why can I consider your Kid’s Full Protection Face Mask so much better than the ones other stores sell?
    Being a new product in our catalog, our Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield can hardly be found among our competitors.

    I like your Children’s Face Mask with Eye Shield! What’s the price?
    Glad you liked it! It costs USD 14.95.

    Why does it only cost USD 14.95 if it’s so good?
    Our store works directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, we bear fewer expenses on intermediary agents.

    Is there some positive feedback about your Face Mask With Eye Shield For Kids?
    Previous customers have indicated many advantages to this product. Above all, they have mentioned its value for money. You can see the reviews in the “Reviews” section.

    What if it doesn’t suit me?
    Please, let us know if anything in the order leaves you unhappy. We’ll solve this issue together! Furthermore, if it doesn’t help, we will return your money.


    Do you give a full refund if a package gets damaged or lost during transportation?
    Please don’t worry about that, because if you don’t receive your package, or it is damaged when shipped, you will get your money back!

    What happens if I buy several of these at once? Will the items come in separate packages?
    Even if your order includes several units, they should come so that you can pick them up in one go.

    Will my package arrive in the same period as you promise here?
    It’s one of our primary concerns to make you as sure about the expected delivery time as possible. However, various local events affecting post offices’ performance might unexpectedly influence the delivery time.

    What payment method is better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
    We always do our best to fulfill your order as fast as possible. You can choose any payment option you like, but it won’t impact the delivery time.

    Is it a reliable store?
    All the transactions in this store are processed securely, protecting your personal and financial privacy. As you can see from our previous buyers’ experience, we deliver what we promise!

    Can I buy the same Kid’s Face Mask With Eye Shield offline?
    Most typically, offline stores provide a more limited range of products. Besides, they commonly set much higher prices due to extra business expenses.



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    Unisex For Kids

    Department Name




    Facemask Length

    20 cm x 16 cm


    Dr. Kill Pain

    19 reviews for Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs

    1. Jeremy P.

      For any kind of a budget kid’s face masks with eye shield is just the perfect opportunity to get a farily good item that is totally worth is money

    2. Amber E.

      got it for my cousin. no drawbacks noted!

    3. Matthew J.

      gave Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs as a present to my colleague. instant happines!

    4. Robert H.

      5 stars to the store! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase!

    5. Nicole Y.

      i’m satisfied with the purchase

    6. Rachel L.

      I appreciate this store, I can always find cool fan stuff there!

    7. Elijah B.

      kid’s face masks with eye shield came very quickly, for two weeks. Thank You!!

    8. Sara C.

      Shipping was very fast. Quality of the kid’s face masks with eye shield is really good. Highly recommend this shop 🙂

    9. Amanda M.

      The seller offers the best value for money, thanks!

    10. Maggie P.

      Never hesistated to buy Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs online for such an attractive price from a trustworthy seller

    11. George G.

      was just going t buy Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs online. thanks to the shop, i made it!

    12. Mark R.

      Thank you! I ordered kid’s face masks with eye shield as gift and was quite relieved. It was really well packed so arrived in great condition.

    13. Derek S.

      Great purchase

    14. Fiona S.

      Cheapest price for Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs is nicely combined with its top quality. This is really great that such stores exist

    15. Jennifer R.

      This store is the best place where i can get kid’s face masks with eye shield online

    16. Michelle T.

      Couldn’t find a Kid’s Face Masks With Eye Shield | 4 pcs anywhere but in this store. Nice job!

    17. Laura K.

      Perfect. I will buy more

    18. Alice F.

      I received kid’s face masks with eye shield within a couple of weeks. Like it so much.

    19. Kelly Y.

      even without a discount kid’s face masks with eye shield is still really affordable

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