3-Layer Disposable Face Masks (10 pcs)

STOP SPREAD: Go out protection.

Effective Protection: 3-Layer filtration structure.

Light and Breathable: Meltblown breathable fabric.

Comfortable for Ears: Widened & thickened ear clip design.

High Resistance: Strong, hard to break, high-quality design.

Adjustable Metal Nose Strip: Great flexibility. Soft and comfortable fit on the face.

360-Degree Skin Friendly Fit: Smooth contact with the face, comfortable breathing

Great for long-term wear without leaving marks on the face!

3-Layer Disposable Face Masks (10 pcs)

(12 customer reviews)

USD 5.49

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    • STOP SPREAD: Firstly, you’ll be safe and protected when you go out.
    • Effective Protection: Secondly, our face masks are equipped with a 3-Layer filtration structure.
    • Light and Breathable: Thirdly, our melt-blown breathable fabric is light and easy to breathe!
    • Comfortable for Ears: In addition, its widened & thickened ear clip design is very comfortable.
    • High Resistance: Moreover, our face masks are strong, hard to break, high-quality design.
    • Adjustable Metal Nose Strip: Great flexibility. Soft and comfortable fit on the face.
    • 360-Degree Skin Friendly Fit: Smooth contact with the face, comfortable breathing

    Great for long-term wear without leaving marks on the face!

    • Quantity: 10 pcs, 20 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs, 250 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs, 10/20/50/100/250/500/1000 pcs
    • Material: Non-woven

    Just take a look at these exceptional features of our Surgical Masks! Most certainly, you’ll be astonished by its high quality and practical design.

    Disposable Face Mask with Effective 3-Layer Filter Protection: 10/20/50/100/250/500/1000 pcs


    • Weight: 33g / bag
    • Color: Light blue
    • Size: 180 × 100 cm
    • Quantity: 10 pieces/pack
    • Government Approval: Hunan Food and Drug Supervisory Production
    • Production license number: 20149017
    • Shelf life: 3 years


    Are there any other product options?
    We are showing all the available variations on the product page, so feel free to take a look at the description of the Disposable Face Masks!

    Do the colors in the photos match the real ones?
    The product pictures show the true colors of the Disposable Face Masks. However, your screen might be showing a slightly different shade due to your settings.

    Do I need to pay any taxes on these 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks?
    Depending on your location, there might be taxes applied to your purchase. You will be able to see the final cost of your order on the checkout page. Therefore, after you’ve confirmed the order, you are not supposed to pay additional money.

    What’s the price for this?
    The price is USD 5.49. Enjoy your purchase!

    Is it a good idea to buy it?
    The first impression is usually the right one. So if you feel you want it, go ahead and place an order!

    Is it possible to leave a review? I’d like to share my experience.
    You’re more than welcome to leave all kinds of feedback because we’re always happy to hear from our clients.


    I want to send this item to someone else. So can you deliver to this person’s address?
    As you wish it! Just specify the necessary delivery address in full detail, and then we’ll arrange the shipment as you requested.

    Do you give a full refund if a package gets damaged or lost during transportation?
    There is no reason to be worried about it because you will either receive your package safe and sound or get a full refund.

    Do I have to choose a certain payment method, so I could get my order earlier?
    The payment method you choose won’t influence the order delivery time. So choose the method you find the most comfortable.

    How many Disposable Face Masks are available for purchase?
    There are enough items left for a medium-scale order. However, we strongly recommend making a purchase as soon as possible because the stock is expected to run low by the end of the week.

    Can I find the Surgical Face Masks in offline stores as well?
    You might see similar items in regular stores, but the price will most likely be higher than ours.

    On what legal basis do you sell these 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks?
    When selling the Surgical Face Masks along with the rest of our products, we follow all the required rules and laws. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

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    10 pcs, 20 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs, 250 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs

    Brand Name

    Dr. Kill Pain

    Implementation standard number

    Xiang Machinery Note 20192140017

    Life cycle

    One time


    Personal, Medical, Fight Coronavirus, Pandemic


    10/20/50/100/250/500/1000 pcs

    Registration number




    Item Type

    Face Masks

    12 reviews for 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks (10 pcs)

    1. E***i

      As always a pleasure to make purchases from your negozii top Thanks

    2. V***a

      Good product. It took a long time to get here.

    3. E***m

      Everything OK

    4. E***i

      Product ok arrived very quickly and as description. An additional rigraziamento avoi. In Italy we need it. Thank you

    5. A***i

      2 weeks to Belgium. Thats very fast. Fast delivery and good quality. Thank you!

    6. A***s

      all ok

    7. E***o

      Apparently they look good

    8. Customer

      The most expensive itches on the face

    9. P***a

      All good

    10. P***p

      Almost a month’s wait but in the current situation it is logical

    11. J***o

      Good quality, shipping in 15 days

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