Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss

These Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss will improve your life in more ways you can imagine. See what we are talking about!

Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss

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    We’ve got a steal of a deal that you can’t pass on. Get our popular Silicone Shoe Pads For Weight Loss for a limited-time price of just USD 7.49! Find your favorite Silicone Weight Loss Insoles For Women or Men from us and enjoy:

    • Superior quality and craftsmanship
    • A price that you won’t see again (this sale won’t be forever)
    • First-class customer service from a team ready to help

    What makes our Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss so popular? Take a look.

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    More Silicone Shoe Pads Details

    Our Silicone Shoe Pads give a comfortable and effective feet massage that reduces muscle pain and relieves stress.

    The magnetic massage applied to your feet will promote blood circulation by helping your blood circulate fluently. You’ll strengthen your health, and resist illness.

    Features: Breathable, quick-drying, shock-absorbing, light

    Material: Gel Silicone

    Brand: Refuse You Lose

    Item Type: Insole

    Color: Transparent

    Function: Anti-fatigue, Health Care, Weight Loss

    Gender: Men / Women

    Quantity: 1 Pair Foot Care

    The foot has a total of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, more than 50 ligaments, more than 500,000 blood vessels, and more than 40,000 sweat glands. In addition to supporting the weight of the whole body and walking, the foot also has the important role of helping the heart work and playing the second heart of the human body. The aging of human beings begins with the foot; tree roots wither, then the tree will wither, the importance of the foot to the human body can be seen. Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points on the sole for each acupuncture point and reflex zone of the human foot

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    Why would I buy your Silicone Shoe Pads And Massage instead of other products?

    The Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss price is better than what other stores ask because we work directly with the manufacturers.

    I would probably want to look at some more variations. How can I do this?

    We indicate all available variations of the Unisex Shoe Pads For Weight Loss on the product page, so feel free to choose your favorite.

    Does the price include taxes?

    Tax terms depend on your location. Anyway, the final price of your order (including taxes) will be indicated on the checkout page. Thus, no extra fees can be charged after the order confirmation.

    Are there any additional fees applied?

    You can see the final price when confirming the order. After that, you pay no extra money.

    Is it wise to make this purchase?

    It is one of the best market options in terms of its value for money! So we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

    If this item doesn’t meet my expectations, could I get a refund?

    If there’s something wrong with your order or it doesn’t suit you, we will return your money, so don’t hesitate to contact us.





    Can I put several products in a single order?

    The number of items to include in one order is unlimited, so feel free to order multiple units if you want.

    Is it necessary to use the address of my residence for shipment? Can I order it for my friend?

    We will send the product to any address you want, so you are free to indicate any location you want.

    Does the expected shipping time match the actual delivery period?

    As a rule, the actual delivery time is true to our estimates. However, please allow for a 2-3 days’ difference if major national holidays or other events affect your post office’s performance.

    How many are left in stock?

    The number of these items in stock has been declining steadily. There are currently enough units to purchase, but we would recommend you hurry up with placing your order.

    There are tons of other online stores. So why should I buy from you?

    We pay close attention to the selection of the best materials, technologies, and manufacturers. This is why you can buy from us with confidence!

    Can I find the same Silicone Weight Loss Insoles For Women or Men in a regular store?

    Offline stores offer a more limited product range in terms of the available variations. Moreover, they are likely to set higher prices on the same Magnetic Shoe Pads For Weight Loss.

    Keywords: Magnetic Massage Insoles Slimming body Shoe Insoles Foot Health Care Shoes Pad Acupuncture Massaging Foot Gel Insoles


    Brand Name

    Dr. Kill Pain

    Item Type


    Pattern Type


    Shoe Width





    Slimming body Shoe Insoles

    Function 1

    Magnetic Massage Insoles

    Function 2

    Acupuncture Massaging Insole



    Insole Height


    Applicable people

    man woman


    Dr. Kill Pain

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    1. Ji Mcgrant

      Awesome insoles! They help A LOT!

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