Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle

Be completely protected while being comfortable and looking really cool with this Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle!

Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle

(25 customer reviews)

USD 13.95USD 24.95


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    With its 360° protection, this hooded face wear will make you feel secure while shopping, Cycling, traveling, or taking a walk.

    Combined with a face mask or bandana, droplets, and dust- you have little to no chance of reaching your mouth, face, hair, or neck. Also, you won’t be able to close your face by mistake and transfer pathogens or dirt.

    Best of all, you can easily unzip the shield and use the Hood as an aHoodhion accessory on its own at the next festival or party!

    Learn more about Full Protection Shield Mask with Secure Lock with our info below:

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    DETAILS ON FULL Hooded Face Mask


    • Size: One size
    • Material: Polyester
    •  360° head protection
    • washable & reusable
    • It fits perfectly over masks, bandanas & glasses
    • Roomy Hood for Hood hair
    • Transparent fHoodweafootwearn be unzipped
    • Two plastic buckles to fasten the hoody to the torso
    • Two adjustable belts to ensure a tight fit
    • Sizes: One size fits all
    • Care Hoody: Hand or machine wash 30°C / 104°F max
    • Shield: wipe with soap, water, and a soft cloth, and keep away from sharp objects to avoid scratching.
    • What you get:1x Face Wear


    • The Hood is the mood of cotton
    • Plastic ZHoodr


    Are the colors accurate?
    The Full Protection Hooded Face Shield photos with Secure Buckle match the product colors. However, your device might display a slightly different shade depending on its screen calibration.

    I want to buy the Fashionable Hooded Face Shield with Secure Lock you offer. But what makes it better than analogs?
    Our items, including the Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle, are manufactured following the highest production standards. But, of course, we also try to set the lowest prices, that’s why we’re sure that we provide our customers with the most tempting offers.

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    We charge lower prices because we can cut down the distribution expenses.

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    Considering the prices in other online and offline stores, it’s a good offer, so you are unlikely to find a better one.

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    There are many positive comments about our Unisex Motorcycle Face Shield because all of them are happy about the purchase and find it incredible, praising its value for money.

    Do you mind if I make a review on this item?
    We’re always happy to see our clients spreading the word about our store on the Internet, so feel free to write a review too!



    When I order online, the product sometimes arrives damaged. Are you sure my Protective Hood Face Shield with Lock will survive the transportation?
    We properly pack all orders to prevent your purchases from being damaged in transit, so you don’t have to worry.

    Is it OK if the delivery address doesn’t match my address?
    The buyer and the addressee don’t have to match, so we can deliver your package to any place you’ll indicate. Thank you.

    How do I make a purchase?
    Choose the Color and Ships From you prefer, specify the number of units, and click the ADD TO CART button. Then continue to the checkout page: choose the payment method, put your email, address, and other data on the form and confirm your order. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email, and your product will be packed and sent to you.

    Does the expected shipping time match the actual delivery period?
    We perform in-depth research to evaluate the time of your Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle delivery as accurately as possible. Yet, some factors we’re unable to predict might slightly influence the actual shipping time.

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    Our main priority is to build friendly relationships with our clients. We do our best to make our business mutually beneficial for our clients and us. That’s why we always offer quality products and set fair prices.

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    Dr. Kill Pain

    25 reviews for Full Protection Hooded Face Shield with Secure Buckle

    1. V***n


    2. L***

      Same as in the photo.

    3. E***m

      I recommend, the article is like in the photo

    4. P***i


    5. R***n

      The shield itself is made of thick, but soft plastic, it came very crumpled.

    6. D***y

      Unfortunately comes without facials, despite that the pictures look as if was. Hood cute, plastic sheath is unfortunately very soft. Express delivery. General is OK, but doubt me to often korzystała with this solution.

    7. Customer

      from the picture you may believe that the mouth and nose are covered, but with the V shape it not at all possible

    8. A***W

      Excellent nice quality Thanks

    9. S***I

      Thumbs up for super fast dispatch and delivery! The hood is made of nice and soft cotton. The plastic shield is slightly bent from shipping, hopefully will be straightened out with time. Overall a very pleasant experience

    10. F***e

      love it

    11. Customer

      Very fast shipping, great quality product. Well made and very comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend, it is exactly the same as the picture and makes a great fashion accessory.

    12. A***r

      have not used yet

    13. R***a

      It annoys them a little bit (if they were smaller or simple strings would be better) I’m doing a little small but it doesn’t bother, it goes perfect for rainy days if lle goes glasses like me

    14. B***s

      in 2weeks got itz fastern then i would think!!! but it’s bit big for my head

    15. Customer

      Straps are uncomfortable under the armpits, the shield doesn’t lay right.

    16. L***U

      There are a lot of folds but we will flatten the plastic, otherwise it is ok for an adult, zipper and strap ok

    17. D***r

      Shield is not dimensionally stable but probably also better and more comfortable than a stable shield. Otherwise with a including worn mouth nose gear effectively against covid 19 droplets infection. The color is slightly more ins pink but still OK

    18. J***j

      The color is a bit more pink than I saw in pictures, but the product is well-made.

    19. J***

      It’s very good the product right now in fresh is tarnished but this great

    20. K***k

      ::: P ::: ::: E ::: ::: R ::: ::: F ::: ::: E ::: ::: C ::: ::: T ::: ::: !! :::

    21. Z***n

      it’s generally good but it has a slight error. the zipper is backwards. but everything else is ok.

    22. B***s

      I thought it was more rigid maybe because I didn’t properly read the description of the article, just like I thought it was waterproof, and it’s not. But it’s my mistake otherwise it’s the one describing the product. I therefore recommend it

    23. B***n

      be aware the face shield is a more soft bendable plastic sheet, rather than a harder plastic that’s flexible like paper, as the pictures didnt leave me with that impression. otherwise absolutely lovely!

    24. D***m

      Looks good and excellent speed on delivery

    25. M***t

      I haven’t opened it because they’re for gift, let’s hope everything’s okay

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