Bluetooth Rechargeable App-Controlled Hearing Aid Amplifiers

Check our new Bluetooth App-controlled Hearing Aid Device for the hearing impaired! These sound amplifiers will assist you IN hearing clearer than ever.

With a 10-hour duration, they will ACCOMPANY you for a big part of your day. Also, thanks to its easy and dynamic App, you will be able to control its sound adjustments and settings as you please!

Bluetooth Rechargeable App-Controlled Hearing Aid Amplifiers

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USD 191.99

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    Rechargeable Bluetooth Sound Amplifiers Features.

    • 16 Channel WDRC hearing aids.
    • Blue-tooth 5.2 supports music and phone.
    • Medium power.Low sound distortion output.
    • Adaptive feedback inhibition.
    • Subband noise reduction.
    • Four program hearing curve adjustments.
    • Mobile magnetic charging 10 hours battery working.
    • Small, convenient, and easy to carry.
    • Natural sound for both ears.

    Can this device connect to a smartphone app?

    Please download the app at this URL:


    Yes, that’s precisely what you get when you shop with us. So therefore, don’t lose a chance to buy a high-quality product at a reasonable price!

    Rechargeable Bluetooth Sound Amplifiers – PRODUCT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

    If I order the Long-Battery Duration Hearing Aids, will the color of the actual product match the one in the picture?
    All the Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids colors on the photos are true to life. Please note, however, that the screen calibration of your device may distort them a little.

    Which materials does your supplier use to produce your Rechargeable Bluetooth Sound Amplifiers?
    We use materials that meet all the required standards. So, all the items we offer, including the Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids, are of exceptional quality.

    Will I face extra fees after making the purchase?
    You will see the total price on the checkout page. In other words, it will include all the necessary fees and taxes (if applicable to your location).

    Are you sure this is affordable for me?
    If you analyze the market, you will see that the offer is tempting. Then, evaluate your possibilities and make the decision!

    Which benefits of this product did the previous buyers mention most often?
    There are many positive comments about our Long-Battery Duration Hearing Aids because all of them are happy about the purchase and find it excellent, praising its value for money.

    Am I an intelligent shopper if I buy it?
    Since it is a very tempting offer, we guarantee this purchase will satisfy you!



    What to do if I don’t get my order or it is faulty?
    Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order. We’ll look into the issue closely and fully refund the purchase if there’s transportation damage.

    I want to order multiple products. Is it possible?
    Please, order as many products as you want because there are no limitations.

    How do I make an order?
    Select the product variation you need. After that, click the ADD TO CART button, indicate your contact details, choose the payment method, and finally, pay for your order. After that, we’ll receive your payment and order details and start assembling the package as soon as possible.

    Does this device support Bluetooth or not? What is the version?

    Yes, this device is Bluetooth 5.2. You can listen to music, call and watch TV on Bluetooth. (Especially note: For iPhone, when a call comes, you must take the call by pressing the key on the hearing device or manually hanging the voice source to the hearing device channel on iPhone. Otherwise, there is no sound in the hearing device.)

    What exactly can be adjusted by APP?

    If Bluetooth is connected, you can choose the different modes (Mode 1: total band compensation, Mode 2: Low-frequency compensation, Mode 3: High-frequency compensation, Mode 4: Middle frequency compensation).

    For dpreciseadjustment, EQ can personalize and adjust the settings. Therefore, change the different values on every frequency point to find the suitable hearing feeling.


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    App Controlled?


    Brand Name

    Dr. KillPain

    Battery Duration

    10 hrs.

    Battery Type





    Noise Reduction Earplugs

    Hearing Aids


    Listen CIC amplifier


    Sound Intensity


    3 reviews for Bluetooth Rechargeable App-Controlled Hearing Aid Amplifiers

    1. M***k

      arrived in perfect condition and the package arrived fast, plus very well wrapped 10/10 very good the seller and the product. Super recommended.

    2. F***e

      arrived in perfect condition and the package arrived fast, plus very well wrapped 10/10 very good the seller and the product. Super recommended.

    3. S***a

      arrived in perfect condition and the package arrived fast, plus very well wrapped 10/10 very good the seller and the product. Super recommended.

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